Friday, 12 August 2011

How do I use Cannabis and limit any potential health impacts?

In my own experience I don’t worry about Cannabis smoking. I do however fear and loath Tobacco. I smoked Cannabis pure in a vaporiser. A Vaporiser doesn’t burn the Cannabis, no heat or tar is released into lungs. The active ingredient of the cannabis plant, THC or Delta-9 is literally boiled from the plant material and forms a vapour which is then harmlessly inhaled. The un-burnt plant material is then discarded. THC is a totally harmless and inert substance that causes no damage to the lungs or body. THC can be used on oil form to treat skin cancer for example.

For medical use Cannabis must be used without Tobacco. Tobacco alters the effect and introduces the potential for harmful physical damage and a less calming mental effect. Tobacco robs you of your motivation if you mix it with Cannabis as it floods your brain with Dopamine. When you smoke Cannabis pure you aren’t being chemically rewarded by nicotine releasing dopamine, so you still have a hunger to achieve while you are effected by Cannabis. Dopamine is a reward chemical, how many smokers take exercise? Not many as tobacco users are doped up on nicotine and dopamine and have no desire to do anything really physical. Cannabis gets a bad name in England as many if not most people smoke it with Tobacco. Cannabis only works correctly on the human species when used alone; smoked, eaten or vaporised pure. If you roll a joint in Australia, New Zealand or America and add tobacco they think you are insane.

Tobacco destroys the truly therapeutic properties of Cannabis as well as every single inch of your body. For starters Cannabis is a muscle relaxant, it also expands the air sacks within the lung and operates the Cilia, the small hairs that clean your lungs while at the same time it dilates the blood vessels. Tobacco has the opposite effect of Cannabis on your body, constricts blood vessels leading to disease and shuts down the cleaning mechanism of the lung while making the air sacks tight and inoperable. Cannabis users who smoke pure don’t experience any noticeable lung damage as the tars are cleared out each morning with a quick cough due to the fact that Cannabis operates the cleaning mechanism of your lungs. I feel my lungs are noticeably “bigger” after using Cannabis, hard aerobic exercise is totally unaffected or even slightly enhanced by the Cannabis use.

Smoking pure Cannabis is energising and motivating, the moment you add tobacco the experience is lazy, sedative and makes you feel “yuck”. Excessive tobacco use can lead to over-stimulation leading to anxiety and paranoia.

I don’t smoke it unless I need it. Cannabis has no addictive properties once you stop using addictive tobacco with it. At the correct dosage, which is just a few individual harmless inhalations a day, I get back my energy from the depressive thief. Cannabis restores optimal functioning to the sensory part of my depression. I can listen to and appreciate music again, gain pleasure in small things, taste properly and see more clearly. Cannabis is a constant, a platform to stand on and work off. This limit and control on the level of my mood fluctuation that Cannabis allows me to have is all I need to avoid really low moods. Staying out of the cycle of long-term low energy and mood that can bring true mental shutdown, a total depression of mind is of key importance to not becoming destructively depressed. I know that cannabis will save me from heading into the real self destructive and damaging lows or pure unfettered depression. I know as a Bi-Polar I need to be on more than one prescriptive medication to get any depression treatment, as depression treatments can induce mania without first using a mood stabiliser.

I have no desire to be on dangerous and side effect ridden prescription medicine when I have one that works.

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