Friday, 12 August 2011

How does Cannabis effect my interaction with other people?

There are various social benefits to my use of Cannabis. These relate to my inability to tolerate distractions, other people opinions or interruptions from other people during times of my best productivity.

When using Cannabis I don’t shout abuse, become hostile and aggressive towards my neighbour or those putting social limitations upon me. My neighbour has been under regular attack in my periods of hypo-mania when I haven’t been using Cannabis. He often rightly comes to complain that I am making too much noise, or have been noisily working all day with a project in the garage, or that I was working too late. When I am in my natural non medicated state I have no ability to see the view point of other people or any interest in their concerns towards my behaviour. I can be Anti-Social.

When I use Cannabis I would be far more likely to see his point of view, or in fact be more aware of my social requirements and would have pre-emptively toned down the noise or given up at an earlier time. Cannabis prevents me being anti-social and hostile during all phases of my mood spectrum. If I am anti-social towards people I become lonely and isolated as I drive people away, this then reinforces negative aspects of my Bi-Polar by making me a social misfit. If I fall out with everyone I know due to my unacceptable behaviour I more likely to be an outcast, then suffering some of Bi-Polars other states such as anxieties and paranoia.

I’ve been so self-absorbed at points in my life I have actually loathed my own personality. My father also suffered from abusive and abnormal outbursts that isolated him from the social network we all need. It’s almost like you can’t help the outbursts and regret them after they happen, I have no need to regret when I use Cannabis as these outbursts have no reason to be initiated. When I use Cannabis I am far more empathetic, rounded and morally guided as an individual, it removes my natural ability to be a complete idiot.

Cannabis puts me in the shoes of others, calms me down, makes me think and allows me the introspection to understand what the social normalities are for the 99% of people who don’t suffer Bi-Polar. If I am left to my own devices I can be abusive, intolerable, aggressive and self absorbed. Cannabis takes away all these unwanted actions and allows me to lead a more balanced and socially integrated existence. It stops me steamrollering my way through people with no consideration for their needs or feelings.

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